While working in Tantrum Street LLC, I'm working as a UX/UI designer on designing the software Autoboard. As a SAAS startup, we work closely across teams and I take a variety of responsibilities for ensuring both the product and the marketing side delivered well. The core features of autoboards are across-team collaboration and business verifications. I spend most of my time iterating on refining the interaction flow and UI presentation.


Autoboard endeavors to offer merchant onboarding experience for payments service providers. It allows business owners to easily complete required documents while compiling valuable data for underwriting. The time to a decision made by an underwriter is greatly reduced by eliminating manual processes and adding transparency to conversations between merchants, agents, and underwriters. With the information collected from a merchant verified by at least two reputable databases common customer service and deployment issues can be virtually eliminated creating a positive experience for merchants.

My Role              


UI Design  | Wireframing  | UX Research

Sketch  | Illustrator  | Zeplin | Invision

If interested, feel free to contact me for more project details!

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