An app that help users get access to safe water and purchase water brand according to their taste preference.


TEAM MEMBERS                      Eliza Saul-Newman

Brian Nguyen


DESIGN METHODS                Paper Prototype

Usability Test


MY ROLE                       

Visual Designer

UX Designer


8 Weeks

Secondary Research

Finding #1

1 billion people drink water from unsafe source

Finding #2

Most methods of purifying water used by the bottling companies, with the exception of just a very few, use extreme filtration and ozonation to treat the water before bottling it.

Finding #4

By simply attach microscope to the phone, the smart phone is able to image cells. 

Finding #3

Pipes outdated & leaking cause waste and health issues .

In-City Intervention

1. In order to better understand the public's level of concern of on water safety, we ​fake the signage of City of Seattle. The signage states that the following fountain is contaminated and unsafe to drink.

2. I put the signage above a water fountain near a restroom in pike market.

3. Most of the passerby noticed of the signage and checked it. 

Observations and Findings

1. Of those that looked at the sign, they accepted the information.


2. Some people did not read or react to our sign and drank water.


3. Certain populations were more or less likely to engage with the signs(people with children, non-native English speakers, etc.).


4. Signage is not enough to inform people or grab their attention.

How might we arouse people concerns on water safety and help them gain access to safe drinking water?



We brainstormed 20 ideas in total covering topics on water safety detection, water safety concerns while traveling, pipe leak checking, water usage monitor, etc. Sketches below are 6 of our ideas.

Paper Prototype

“I think seeing only places you’ve gone is weak, should include everywhere for potential travel spots and relevant water safety and flavor information.”

To evaluate ideas generated in ideation process, we tested our paper prototype on 7 participants and asked them to think aloud. We found that people concerned more about water safety/flavor of where they travel rather than their home country. They would know more water related customs while going to unfamiliar places.


We decided to build a mobile application that helps people get all critical information on water. Based on literature review and in person interviews, we find that people care about water safety and flavor when travel to new places. They need the tool to help them quickly find the the right water brand; they want to tool to help them ensure the water they have is safe and suit their taste. We incorporate these needs into our digital solution.


High-Fidelity Mockups


Aquarfar is aimed to help public understand their potable to choose safe, clean and preferable ones.


Locate water test results of different user types(normal people and experts) in mapview.


Scan the water bottle to see relevant reviews, rates and comments, as well as evaluate and upload users' own evaluation.


After the microscope is attached to the phone camera, photograph the water sample to test it to check its micro view and relevant safety information.


To notify users to avoid sickness from unsafe water, the application offers a list of activities that needs to play attention to when contacting with water in the location where the user is. 


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