One-Week Design Challenge

A physical Senso-Pod and a mobile interface that users use to choose their experience to regulate autists' mood. 


Color Therapy is an ancient practice of balancing and creating harmony with the body and mind. It has continued to be used to calm and regulate mood and other ailments. 

Therapists use different colors for different mood changes. 

Blue — sedating

Green — calming

Red— stimulating

Yellow — stimulating


Use color therapy to mediate tension caused by Dementia. Below is designed color pattern.





Mobile Application+Physical SensoPod

Autists in particular like closed spaces and multi-sensory experiences. These experiences are traditionally expensive and take place in large environments. It's aimed to create a similar experience that could be used by all types of users from anywhere.

This product consists of two elements. The physical Senso-Pod and the interface a user uses to choose their their experience.  

How to use?

Users downloads the app and follows instructions to expand the Senso-Pod and customize the experience via the mobile app.


Turn on the app to start the immersive sensory journey.


The pod is portable, light and stretchable. It could be wirelessly connected to the phone.


Once through setup, the user is able to choose a mood by dragging the color picker around the mood board and selecting sensopod color.

The Sketch of  the Stretchable Senso-Pod

Exploration on SensoPod Structure


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